On the Art of Femininity

31 thoughts on “On the Art of Femininity”

  1. Damn. That’s really all I can say. I love the part about “make me want to be submissive”…because in that moment it also means that you can trust your partner and that you feel safe, instead of feeling afraid or unsure. Men and women really can and should compliment each other, they are yin and yang.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree, we are definitely yin and yang…and the whole dance of “make me want to be submissive” can and should be so sublime 🙂


      1. You’re welcome, but I meant it. I wish boys and girls could get this sort of advice as they were growing up, but too many don’t. And the culture is mostly geared to selling things, and using sex to do it, so there’s no guidance there, either. But for those women who know these things, life is a pearl of great price. This summed it up for me, as a man, for what is most important:

        “Overt sexiness isn’t enough. I am a firm believer that a woman who holds her capacity for tenderness and vulnerability in as high a regard as her sexuality commands the utmost respect. Why? Because she knows who she is. And she hasn’t thrown any parts of herself away. When a woman is comfortable in her own skin, it literally emanates from her pores. Authenticity may take practice, but it’s worth the effort.”


      2. It’s great to get a man’s opinion on this post, so thank you for taking the time to comment! I agree that most boys and girls aren’t taught this kind of thing, and I think it’s sad. From my perspective, as a woman, there is so much about our femininity to celebrate, if only we understood it as an asset, if only we knew how to use it. You are correct when you say that, then, “life is a pearl of great price.” Well said, indeed. 🙂

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      3. There is much to celebrate. Just seeing this post and how you describe feminity was such a pleasure. There is too much competition and too little complementarity between the sexes. I love how you look at this. Be well.

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  2. Hello! I have started a quest of vulnerability. I made the vow to become really intimate with her…. Thanks for this post that’s really helpful in linking the great feminine. I will remember your words when vulnerability will suck and I will want to close up and instead, I will call in the great goddess! Thanks.

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  3. Spot on! This is an awesome description of femininity and the power that lies within it. It’s a shame that we live in a society that has corrupted femininity to the point of having a negative connotation. Our true power lies in embracing our nature as women, not in striving to be like men.

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