On the Importance of Branding, and My Exception to My Own Rules

I have a tendency to treat creative projects that are quite dear to my heart (in addition to those that I believe I might be able to monetize) like a business. I am aggressive when it comes to networking, marketing, and building a fresh and consistent brand. While I started this blog on a bit of a whim, as an outlet for a broad spectrum of ideas, I have enjoyed–and continue to enjoy–the process of designing a creative and consistent brand around “The Used Life” concept. If I am to be transparent, this is probably the most authentic project I’ve published in a long while (not that the others are inauthentic. I often have multiple projects going at once, and this one happens to be the most accurate and unadulterated reflection of my interests at present). While I love the many interrelated and challenging aspects of bringing an idea, or creative vision, to life, branding, I have found, is by far my favorite. 

You will notice that all of the posts on this site, in addition to my Twitter feed and, secondarily, Facebook, are all designed with consistency. I do love images that reflect the abstract feminine, including some old school abstract pin-ups (part of my chi, maybe).

Accordingly, I am rather diligent when I select the images that I think best represent each post, and my feelings on it’s content. It is part of the challenge…and its own creative exercise. 

This post is the exception. (I am allowing myself one.)

I am currently traveling, and during a bit of downtime this afternoon, I thought I would publish a quick post. I am fortunate to be enjoying some time in one of my favorite destinations: Provence. I travel to Europe frequently, and while I have developed quite an affinity for the Mediterranean, in general, over the the last several years, it may be said that I have fallen maddeningly in love with Provence. The region has an unquantifiable “something” that cannot be replicated elsewhere. And my time here never fails to satisfy. So, as the one exception to my rule on developing a consistent brand for creative projects (a topic I will post useful tips about going forward), I will break with the regular format of my posts to share some images from my trek through the South of France. Not shown: Waiting for a tow truck on the side of a small country road just after midnight, during a rainstorm, because the rental car’s parking break jammed.

Lavender field
View from the top of Mt Ventoux
Street in Moustiers

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