When You Are One…

7 thoughts on “When You Are One…”

  1. This is wonderful. It does look a bit Jekyll and Hyde don’t you think? Truth, or how we perceive it can be ugly and it is through mending and kneading that it becomes, tasteful. You did speak of rawness, that almost comes off cliche since everything and everyone now is raw and edgy.

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    1. Yes, it definitely does have a Jekyll and Hyde quality…and it’s interesting how dramatically different sides can exist within a person. You’re right, everyone is “raw” now. Truthfully, I didn’t think of that. Maybe “exposure” is closer to the real meaning.

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      1. Exposure, I like that. True, we are not always, one person but contain multitudes. Expression and self expression conflict with each in popular settings. I believe, we are back to culture. Our generation and millennials have this dual natured identity. Almost like Alice in Wonderland where the digital setting could be Wonderland and real life may not have those perks. We are two people maybe thousands of miles apart or sitting across from each other. Agreeing digitally, and maybe cutting each other off in traffic. Exposure in parallels or in sequence maybe.

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      2. Yeah, there is a big cultural component. And realizing that there exists a multitude within us and wanting to balance those opposing forces is definitely different from feeling fractured. Sometimes, I think technology (at least for some people) can deepen a kind of divide…like the dual-natured identity you suggest. But you’re right, you and I communicating this way is a perfect example…the real and the unreal… It’s like a kind of magical realism.

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      3. Consciousness. May play heavily on being divided. I don’t know what is more dangerous being enlightened to these inner conflicts or just another sleeping giant. The danger is in those moments where magic and reality seem to share the same space. Artists live there. Marquez wrote there and Hemingway, Cobain, and Cornell died there. I’m Native American and many tribes had the same ritual to sit at the edge of town. Change into a “proper” shirt and pants and conduct business. We never understood identity like modern cultures and the same with property. Natives had this closeness to their environment that no other culture has imitated. It was our downfall but is a good example of dual nature. The artificial environment was the city and to be in the city, the native also had to be artificial. Until the city became the new reality at which point the Native became artificial.

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    1. Great review! That book looks like a very practical tool…I am somewhat familiar with his work. And yes, there are significant elements of what might be considered “flow state” here, particularly that intense absorption. Thanks for reading!

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