For the Experimenter in All of Us

22 thoughts on “For the Experimenter in All of Us”

      1. I used to catch scorpions. The larger Chihuahua sized ones. It’s not the venom that bothered me sure, you get a little loopy. The stinger is a half inch like a tarantulas. So, my biggest fear was bacteria and once I got over it. The sting was not so bad. You mentioned the fear of experimentation. That’s good.

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      2. Ooohhh…you gave me the chills conjuring the image of a tarantula and its stingers! Although I’ve never encountered a scorpion up close and personal (though a friend from Phoenix was stung once), I am absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders! This exchange makes me chuckle, in a way…Experimentation should, at times, make me afraid because of the risk it carries. Yet, silly and entirely irrational fears–like that of spiders–often scare me more than the real stuff…Probably happens to us all that way a lot of the time.


      3. They don’t bother you much after the first sting. Like women, I guess. 😀 The tarantula habitat has become smaller but they could still get to a pound or a little more. It’s true, and most predators depend on that fear. Snakes, prefer to be left alone than to strike. I was thinking though, experimentations require a baseline and then, to overcome the fear. Somehow, trial and error or theory.

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      4. Ha! I guess we just get weirdly cautious as we get older sometimes. Spiders have always terrified the life out of me. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed!


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