On Taste

7 thoughts on “On Taste”

    1. Taste definitely has a strong social component, but I wonder if it doesn’t also have unconscious roots, as well–if the ability to create/recognize/appreciate things that are “tasteful” doesn’t have archetypal roots, or something like that.


      1. True, Japanese have bacteria in their stomach that breakdown seaweed easier than Americans. A more negative one was, my own culture was thought to be “alcoholic by birth” which I thought was weird. When I first tried alcohol I hated it. I agree though, we partly become our parents they are our first teachers of traditions.

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      2. It’s a good point you bring up about the ways we become accustomed to, even desirous of, things we may have hated initially. Curious…Native American?


      3. Yes, and yes. I tried drinking, it just requires so much time and effort. I read that a significant number of 1% are alcoholics among other substances. It makes sense they have other people to care for them.

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