The Used Life: An Experiment in Making Meaning

6 thoughts on “The Used Life: An Experiment in Making Meaning”

  1. I like the mix. I like the erotic content. My only suggestion is that you keep this balanced between the different parts of your life, and the different parts of you. I adore you already, and like the understated but shimmering hot feminine side you show. I like knowing that it is there, even when you’re not talking about it directly. That part of us isn’t the whole, but often is the unspoken energy behind the other things we see and do and care about. It’s like the nuclear reactor core, but is best when its glow and power shine indirectly in other things. I’ve noticed a number of blogs by women who seem to fall into a trap of thinking that sexual attractiveness is the only thing that matters to anyone. They turn into Janie One Note. Maybe they do that because it works to get attention; I don’t know. But I do know that it get’s a little stale after a while. Leave ’em wanting more, as the saying goes.

    And I’m not kidding about the adoration. 😉

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    1. Oh, you’ve made me smile. And, I think I may be blushing now, too. 😉 I am ever-grateful for your thoughtful feedback. I like that you appreciate the understated quality of the erotic content. I dare say that style mirrors some aspects of how I present myself in real life. But, it’s something that’s been a bit challenging for me here. Truthfully, I enjoy the diversity of content on this blog. It keeps me interested. Every time I’ve ever tried to do a Janie One Note style project (blogging or otherwise), I’ve either lost enthusiasm for it quickly, or I’ve churned out crappy content. This blog, however, feels like a little adventure—I keep wondering what will come next!

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