The Way of the Music

Thoughts go the way of the music,

Feet sway the way of the crowd.

Mouth moves the way of the stillness,

Red river stampeding loud.


Wet jazz, silt between fingers,

Shadows that drift the way of the dunes,

I search for your rhythms

In atonement for pleasures

That vacate the body too soon.


I wrote you a riddle,

You sang me a song.

Your voice is a rupture–

Oh please, oh please, let me hang on–


Butterfly blinks and leathery stares,

Meet me in the middle,

You’ll find it there.


Rain covered thatches,

Between darkness



Time unburies itself:




In intrepid sight.


You loved me once,

I loved you twice.

The room is a moon,

Your body goodnight.

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