On Feeling Like a Woman

12 thoughts on “On Feeling Like a Woman”

  1. I understand what you have expressed here (so well!) as I have experienced many of the same feelings–including that “sweeping, diffuse kind of arousal” that can come from erotica and other sensual experiences. This post makes it so clear why I can be puzzled by the kind of porn men usually look at–and LOOK is the important word, because the visual aspect has primacy for men–yet this kind of porn cannot kindle the kind of reactions you describe.

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    1. Ha! It is fascinating how different men and women are in terms of arousal. I, too, marvel at the visual stimuli that are appealing to some men. But, surely, they feel the same way about us…Vive la difference. 😉 On another note, it makes me quite happy to know that you can identify with the feelings I described here! I wondered if a lot of women would. Thank you, as always, for the terrific feedback!


  2. I surely understand this feeling, even though no else is around me is like me and think the way I do especially my sexual being, I still need to be me. I just question whether I need for people that know me to understand and accept or ok with keeping it to myself and blog for others to know that part of the inner me

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    1. Oh, I know that feeling well–when no one else around you thinks or feels like you do. It can be very challenging to decide what sides of ourselves to show to other people. When it comes to being assertively sexy or “owning” my sexual side (in a classy sort of way), I wish I could be that way around everyone without flinching. Sometimes I can. Other times, it is more difficult, and it feels a little like hiding…which isn’t good.

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  3. I love the validity you give to feeling like a woman, as it is a beauty in and of itself. Too often the power you speak of is fair game for those who would exploit it, or even more dangerously, extinguish it. Your words sing and give luxurious pause for thought and feeling.

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