Self-Fashioning and the Art of Sexy

4 thoughts on “Self-Fashioning and the Art of Sexy”

  1. About self-fashioning, you write, “It is the process of moving from a feeling, or an essence, of sexiness that is derived from mostly outside sources (like clothing, cosmetics, surgery) to that which emanates from your core.” I would say it’s the reverse. Sensing one’s sexuality and sexiness comes from within, and then is EXPRESSED through the signals of clothing, hair, makeup, even one’s way of moving. And all good sexual experiences and partners become part of that inner sexual being and its power.

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    1. I think what you describe is the ideal. We should express what we feel from within outwardly in those ways. Sometimes, though, I think expressions of our sexuality are manufactured. Some people try to design themselves around an image of who they think they should be, rather than allowing themselves to be guided by what’s within.

      Yes, all good partners do. They can change us.

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