Evening Acoustic

Dreaming on a back porch
is a half-naked reverie in acoustic
Breaths like a violin
Stench and grain, gin and tonics, prolapsed desire
preserved in salt

Drunk on beauty
Form made desire
I am desire made form, a clause, an environment, spat stars,
breasts that beat like little crescent moons

Take me back, back, oh, take me back
to those Philadelphia nights
Rolling around corners like lazy fruits
When we took lovers out of boredom and wandered the streets
with a desire to burn
Listening to Lana Del Rey in dresses that slipped off our shoulders

Borrowed heels, silhouette like an iron rod
Heavy cigar
The first night I wanted a man to take my body between his teeth
A man with gun shot eyes
A man with a steeple for a hand
To grab me by the ankles and devour me whole
My girls were smiling. I was crazy with
Give it to me slowly…

In Philadelphia, where I hailed God from a yellow cab window,
He sipping sins like a cool brew, sporting shades
Rittenhouse Park on a Saturday
Espresso, Jimmy Choo’s, and smart sweaters
Serenity like house beats
Brimming, our pulses brimming
Live fast, I heard Him say once, and let life kiss you behind the knees
Resurrections and other things
Happen all the time at 10,000 feet
Skylines and limits, baby

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