last night between two dreams i had a little chat with god who was also getting a glass of water and asked him why he makes some of us uncool on purpose

why couldn’t i be dope like Ezra Pound or a fly cat like Kerouac or better yet a love poet on Pinterest with a vintage typewriter and trendy tortoiseshell glasses and lipstick that’s too red for my olive skin?

and god said that he made my skin like olive oil to remind me of fresh bread and aged wine and my dark brown hair to go with pink lips instead and my poems to build a new consciousness with my two thumbs

and then he told me in his big blue slippers hanging at the water cooler that he designed some of us—on purpose—to be square like matchsticks because we’re made to burn ourselves out like embers on a fiery plank—dust to dust and all that—to play on the teeter totter of rhyme, to use our legs to build sailboats that traverse the spaces between sunsets and carefully crafted synecdoches, to turn commas and grammatically correct semicolons from ash to ash where they belong, and to burn, burn, burn like a beat without ever dancing

and then i said to god, i don’t understand, what am i supposed to do with all this fire and ash and other uncool shit? i’m no matchstick

and he said, buy a fucking notebook

31 responses to “Matchstick”

  1. Happy Birthday! And I both love what you have written and it speaks to me in a meaningful way. The notebooks I have received for my birthday (there have been several of them) have all been important to me. Both your words and meaningful notebooks general remind me that writing is my purpose or my purpose is to write.

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    • Oh, thank you! 😊 Notebooks are magic, aren’t they? The thrill of a blank page…They certainly do remind us that we are writers, as does, I have noticed, the anxiety that results whenever I accidentally leave mine at home. 😬

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  2. And I asked why I was given ten thumbs, and three left feet – that always seem to get in the way? Why was I born a mere mortal man when there are so many other magical creatures out there?

    Another great piece, TheUsedLife, full of vivid images. I’m sure you’ll put that new fucking notebook to good use. 🙂

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  3. TheUsedLife, your poetry is sooooooooooooooooo different. It’s fresh and refreshing. I’m not sure that “typical poetry lovers” or “typical poets” for that matter would appreciate your style. Not everyone will. I applaud the guts you have to express yourself in this way. Then, again, I’m sure you’re not out to please all nor to impress all; it won’t happen anyway!

    Your poetry pieces are different from your other blog posts, as I’m also sure that’s by design. In a similar manner, I guess that’s why I created two different blogs; one for business-oriented creative topics, the other more personal. Different audiences.

    Anyway, keep it up, “Used!” 🙂

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    • Thank you for the kind words, Joe! It delights me to know that you enjoy my poetry. You might say I’ve been finding—or have recently found—my poetic voice. I also know my poetry is a little atypical and certainly wouldn’t appeal to everyone’s sensibilities. But, I couldn’t have fun with it—or fully be myself—if I wrote any other way…I also enjoy having a variety of content here. As a fellow creative, I’m sure you understand the need to experiment with different modes of expression. Thanks again for the thoughtful remarks…and for reading my blog! 😊


  4. Your poetry is fantastic. I wouldn’t even worry about “typical poetry lover” or “typical poets” (is there even such a thing as a “typical poet”?), your style is fun, refreshing, and has an unapologetic attitude.

    Keep writing.

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