Bull & Butterfly

some mornings i wake up like a butterfly and wait for miraculous things to happen, i ask god to give me the wings i need to break into the day, to breathe in the world sharply, to feel hope in my lungs and genius in my bones, and magic in the toppy-tips of my fingers, and to exhale beauty wherever i go

but when i pick up my head all serene off the pillow, and my puffy hair clings to the edges of my shoulders i remember they were also made for carrying things, and my blurry eyes were made for playing with sunshine and that it’s not the day’s fault i woke up feeling like a broken wing

and then i recall from my dreams that the world is made of both bulls and butterflies, people who hurry up and conquer other people and people who give birth to things, and that while all the hurry-up people, all the hustle-and-grind people who want to be giants, who want to be legends, rush in like bulls and charge their dreams, some of us were made to be like butterflies and to stay in our cocoons a little longer and nourish our ideas under the covers where no one else can see

and there, peaking through the sunlight on my windowsill, is a miracle that must have happened in the night: i see that my wings aren’t really broken, they were just sleeping like the rest of me, and god wasn’t made for breaking butterflies out of cocoons, anyway, so i leap up off the bed and grab my pen instead

16 thoughts on “Bull & Butterfly

  1. Simply beautiful. Something about this gave me chills; though I can’t pinpoint just what it is, I love this. I’m certainly more of a butterfly, though I think I often pressure myself to be more of a bull. What a beautiful reminder that it’s okay to linger just a little longer and nourish our ideas before releasing them into the world. 🙂

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    1. Oh, thank you! This is very much a reflection of the mood I woke up in this morning. 🙂 And, like you, I have a habit of trying to force myself to be more “bullish” instead of allowing myself to both create and to achieve in accord with my own nature.

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  2. “god wasn’t made for breaking butterflies out of cocoons, anyway”. Your words remind me of a story my mentor told me. She said her son found a cocoon and brought it home and set it in a jar. He watched it, day after day, waiting until the butterfly emerged. One day he could wait no longer and decided to start picking the cocoon apart. The butterfly did emerge, alive, but because it didn’t gather strength making its way out of the cocoon, its wings were too weak to fly and it perished. As you also wrote above, “allowing myself to both create and to achieve in accord with my own nature” goes right along with the story…

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    1. Sounds like you had a wise mentor. 🙂 Thank you for illustrating that point perfectly with a poignant example. You’ve gotten me to read my own lines a bit differently now. Thanks again for the thoughtful feedback!

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