On Becoming a Person

notes while reading Carl R. Rogers’s book by the same name

becoming a person is like learning how to properly cook an egg because how you handle the mighty egg says a great deal about your personality including your ability to handle the frailest of things, especially yourself (among other very important matters of finesse)

to become a person using the egg method you must

step 1: have enough positive regard for your egg to pierce his shell gently a yolk once broken is worse than spilled milk they tell me

step 2: if by chance your egg thinks he is a dog or a fish or a wilted old piece of lettuce, teach him how to love his egginess instead using your two spoons swimming in the pan

step 3: stir and season until no remnant of a shell remains

step 4: let your egg know he will always be the eggiest egg there ever was no matter how many different times he is dropped or thrown into hot water by a set of careless hands

step 5: find the nearest mirror and repeat

15 responses to “On Becoming a Person”

  1. Ugh, I can’t believe you said this. I often think my crappy technique with eggs say something about my character, or at least about the crappy way I learn. Or rather don’t learn. I love eggs, why am I so bad at cracking and flipping them? Still, clever write, I just feel convicted!

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    • Oh, no! Eggs are, by nature, deceptively difficult to handle. (And, an omelette flip is not my strong suit, either.) They require so much coddling. Egg cooking is all about patience and “feel.” It’s just a matter of practice…lots and lots of practice. Please don’t give up hope yet 🙂

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