Flo On

Flo On

the day’s a stale word 
the kind that’s afraid of
an honest mouth
(a thing so 
strangely made) 
a conversation like 
a broken arrow, busted wind 
and a tree of fire, death at 
the roots of the all the palms, 
and a half-flung syllable 
that punches like an empty fist

i don’t know about you but
i’m tired of empty talk
the kind that slips
off your shoulders
like a saggy dress 
or a squirt of 
old perfume
jargon and
buzzwords and
attack words and 
the kind that make the day
kick over like a bad news story 
or a pundit with an ugly sweater 

every Sunday’s a lazy quatrain
the clouds are meaty pink and
the air’s spilled milk and 
all the tables are empty
and the porch sitters are
strumming bare guitars ‘cause 
somebody’s stopped all the music 
and halted all the tail lights 
the world is screaming and
no one’s got the mic 
two C’s, two D’s and an F
a couplet spilling like 
a bad refrain

and as for me i—
i flo on—i 
strap on my boots and
shimmy way up high where 
i can eat words like air and 
make poems out of 
rocks and clay 
sipping on a 
hazy IPA and 
listening to Tom Petty 
wishing life was 
a more certain thing 

35 responses to “Flo On”

  1. U, you are my most favorite poet! I will always return to read your unique, whimsical, day trips and night delights in the journey’s you take your reades on! You never fail to deliver! And you never steal another poet’s words or heart words. You are an outstanding poet and credible as can be! I pray you go all the way to the top where you truly belong. And enjoy the ride of a true blue writer on the beautiful plain of smarts and integrity. Best wishes o you!

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re so very very welcome! You are an original talent. Never forget that. There are so many rip offs in the literary world it is heartbreaking. But your style of writing is all your own, and that makes you one of the best! Bless your heart! And happy day, always!😊☂️soon it will be raining in many places and those who adore, and appreciate your work, will think of you when the umbrellas go up. Isn’t it great!?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, thank you very much! I agree that there are a lot of rip offs out there. Much of the literary world currently feels stale, unoriginal, both in terms of style and content. I have a great deal more respect for those who stay true to themselves, develop their own voices, know what they want to say and say it their way. Happy day to you, as well! You know, it is raining pretty hard where I am, and I think you’ll now have me conjuring images of that umbrella every time I see rain drops!

        Liked by 1 person

      • ‘true to themselves’ you bet! I had just wrote that very thought in a late night write while waiting in an emergency room for a dear friend to get well soon, who died on the operating table but by the Grace of God was revived!! So much matters so very much more than the price of fame by way of the expense of other writer’s stolen words/written work. I have the up most resect for those poet’s who “as you mentioned” are true to theirselves! Thank you so much for your replies to my occasional comments. Once again, best wishes with your goals, and future achievements!

        Liked by 1 person

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