what i need is a crayon
	so i can fill in all the gaps 
	in the colors of the 


and all the numbers 
	that code the bars 
	of the graphs that tell us 
how old we are and how tall 
	we should be 
and how fast our hearts 
	should be 

and to what music, which is 
	a matter of the soul and, 
		by definition, 
				at least 
which correlates significantly 
	with the number of 
strands of 
	gray hair that are 
before we should 
	think of making ourselves

along with the proper 
	amount of padding 
	that’s allowed on our 


before we start 
	suctioning things or 
	refusing to eat anything 
 but boiled 
	white tofu 
for dinner 


20 responses to “Graffiti”

  1. I’ve been thinking about A Clockwork Orange today (the book) and went out to read a few analyses. Your poem travels along similar pathways. Always the duality. This (selfhood in all of its guts and glory) or that (the idealized image). The duality can bite my ass!

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