This post is a creative exercise. A stream-of-consciousness style free-write, which I like to think of as “coaxing.” A means of getting myself in a “poetic” state of mind—of generating ideas, metaphor, and rhythm. I normally draw only a handful of useful images or concepts from this kind of exercise, but something charmed me about the entirety of today’s free-write. As if it might, to some degree, be able to stand on its own…

pit of fire hapless sun eraser mark strikes my blossoming you lay crying someone stopped the sun-giving, darling, the lingering of your fingers on the mark, a love that says ‘yes’ and a labor that always says ‘no,’ a greedy forgiving, all that is orange still stained with the scent of the hunger-things, delayed so quietly

i want to peel like a flower in your hands writhe under an unfamiliar touch until the day falls silent and the church bells go and the night begins to bleed like a fire spot blue as a word on the bind of my tongue, a heady wine and a freshly knit sweater, all for the pricking, part of every woman is a secret, deep words sacred like anchors we’ll never unbury, not even to the mouths of our lovers 

my body is a singular thing perked at the ankles, autumn is a sober sky and the wind is ripe redder than a moon i run past a golden tree, rhythms to the longings of my ears, no one said we had to play nice, we were once makeshift and our dreams gazed back at us like an empty page, some birds can only fly uphill, the mountain used to have a top, but now my feet are dust and the earth clings to my breast like stale flowers purple as sleep and sugar,
maybe death and success both wait a day

13 responses to “Lim-bo”

  1. In my experience creative exercises are always good. “Maybe death and success both wait a day.” There’s much in those words to think about. I enjoyed this very much.

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  2. U! I relate to so many of your mighty descriptive lines! ‘part of every woman is a secret,deep word sacred’… (Self preservation). Your writing never fails to take me through diversity and your brilliance in writing! By the way…love the ‘umbrella skirt’!😊

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      • There is a movie titled ‘Somethings Gotta Give”… Diane Keaton is a writer in the story. She ends up writing a story about Jack Nickleson, her daughter’s boyfriend, who ends up her lover! Anyway, I think of you when her heart gets broken and she ends up writing this ‘fabulous play’! I just believe that you have it in your talent, and colorful plate of characters to write a play!! Your writing is memorable and Unique! Come rain or shine on opening day, the theater guide will be passing out umbrellas! ☀️

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