Blue Elephant

the morning is flat and has a
face, a two-pronged smile
and a trunk full of
gold, eyes cutting like
electric diamonds
through the haze

the sunrise is magnetic and
has teeth, i awaken
sharpened and ready for
flight, a horde of
feathered blue elephants
painting clarities across the sky

i rub my eyes and imagine i’m
stuck in a bedazzled dream, a
flock of elephants like seagulls with
iridescent wings and
eyes like angels
rapping on my windowpane

maybe this is what heaven looks like, i
think, as the one with the crown lends me his
trunk and before i can take my first
sip of coffee i’m straddling his back and
holding the reigns, tusk by tusk, considering
for a minute i might really live to see the
seven wonders, heading right down to
the rainbow’s end

everything you see has a
magical counterpart, an
essence like a halo,
there’s a touch of god in everything
and it’s up to you to
translate the message, he says,
we’re all visionaries and the key
to unlocking the soul of the
world is in the eyes

his gaze lights up the sky like some
sort of majestic stone, the city a slow
glowing ember beneath the
crux of my heel

our eyes see the truth when we’re not
looking and fill in the blanks with the unfamiliar
magic lives in the gaps, in the spaces between the
thing and its meaning, all the wisdom you
just have, the truth you just know, that sits in the
back of your mind waiting for you to recognize it, all
the colors, the shapes of the music like a giant wall
that’s been spray-painted with the messages of the
ages, they never change, he goes on,
swooping through the clouds, indigo feathers
billowing in the wind, that’s how you tell the
difference between artistry
and propaganda, by the way it
paints the canvas of your soul

i wonder for a second if i’m not
hitchin’ a ride with a madman, a
blue elephant with an
unholy imagination, but as he speaks
i notice the city erupt with light like a jewel
a reflection of his crown, an emerald dream,
and i start thinking my soul might be
seeing the truth now just like he says and
we’re up here at the top of the world
slow dancing in the moonlight
with wings of tanzanite like
two giant paintbrushes making
sunflowers out of the blue

your eyes are timeless, he says, they give you
access to the part of the world that never dies
every vision begins in another dimension
like a little waking dream
a glimmer of truth that shoots
from the fingertips, but you gotta look
and looking with love is the key—with honest eyes—
that’s the only way to make miracles happen—
and that’s the greatest truth anyone will ever tell you
that’s accepting the world as it is, it’s sitting back and
looking at a fleck of dirt or a ladybug on a leaf
until it turns into a rainbow and
your heart gets full to bursting
but, he says, as we touch down atop a glacier,
up where the air is thin, that means
forgetting what you know
all that shit you learned out in the world
about what’s important and
and just letting the world
be itself instead

and i descend from his back, hoping
he won’t leave me here, sprawled out
across that giant luminous wing
the sky turning a carrot
shade of orange as those big-hearted
blue souls feast on
the hues of the rising sun

19 thoughts on “Blue Elephant

  1. “but you gotta look
    and looking with love is the key—with honest eyes—
    that’s the only way to make miracles happen—“

    Perhaps nothing truer than this statement in today’s world.
    Well said…


  2. Do you ever feel like you are a transmitter? This piece is getting the word out there. In the dream class we talked about how myths and archetypes are born. They were born from the identified holy tribe members. We speculated that they came from the dreams of the holy tribe members, who then shared it with the rest of the tribe. That wall exists with its “messages of the ages.”

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    1. Wow, really? I’ve never been particularly attracted to myth…which may be a byproduct of how I was introduced to the subject. But, the more I write pieces like this and explore ideas/philosophies/bits of wisdom that matter to me, or that I consider essential to living, the more myth seems significant. Your question is an interesting one, and the answer may be “yes.” I often feel like I’m channeling something when I create (or create well). But, beyond the bliss of a flow state. As if there’s a part of my mind that I can access when I am in a flow state or experiencing exceptional mental clarity that contains the stuff I (or we) “just know” and that I am certain of as if it were truth. Unqualified and absolute. But, I think Jung also wrote about these kinds of things. I confound myself when I say I am “not interested” in some of these topics and then come to the stunning realization that they’re vital to everything I’m doing.

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  3. “our eyes see the truth when we’re not
    looking and fill in the blanks with the unfamiliar
    magic lives in the gaps, in the spaces between the
    thing and its meaning, all the wisdom you
    just have, the truth you just know, that sits in the
    back of your mind waiting for you to recognize it”

    Love this! I’ve had recent experience learning to trust that inner knowledge. I think the important thing is to lean in wholeheartedly (which you do very well, in my opinion) but also be open to reinterpretation (which you also do very well).

    I like this one – it lets my brain stretch in marvelous ways!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right when you say that being open to reinterpretation is key. Such an invaluable part of the learning process. I am glad you enjoyed this post. I had fun writing it. Thank you for the comment!


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