Boudoir Hymns

a short compilation in verse

the room where a lady
may retire to be alone is
the space inside of a candle
a little flame that grows
against the palms of
her hands as she recalls
the miracle that lives in
her breasts, tender
playthings, the incantations
of her hips, the life rushing
like wildfire from the fountains
of her fingers, a tall moan, and
a memory thin as breath
of those nights when a lady
wanted nothing more
than a room
to retire to


i will speak of your hands
as if they didn’t quiver at the
bows of my knees like two
caterpillars out of sleep and
with perfect eyes open,
oh yes, march up the
middles of my thighs, little
skin-colored soldiers,
as soft as it is
as slippery as it is
as sweetly as it
captures the rhythms
of your


of all of the names
we had for dinner
yours was the only one
licked from my lips

14 thoughts on “Boudoir Hymns

  1. Lire ton poèmes donne l’impression de s’échapper dans un endroit merveilleux pour des vacances. Merci pour déshabiller la poésie du boudoir qui révèle à celle ou à celui qui veut l’entrevoir la part cachée d’une personnalité. J’aime la façon dont tes mots s’embrassent.

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    1. Merci mon cher. Ces poèmes révèlent un espace sacré. Et je peux en écrire beaucoup plus. Chaque femme a besoin d’un espace sacré pour se chérir. C’est une partie vitale de la femme. Je suis ravi que vous sentiez les baisers dans ces mots.

      Liked by 2 people

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