Owl’s Nest

i don’t know how this
story’s supposed to go
but i got a feeling it
isn’t like this
beginning as it does with
the great splash of a
crescent moon rising
high as a daisy over the
banks of the gulf and a
town full of whitewashed houses
thumbing their eyes like
chicken bones

there was a voice that came
to the door at midnight
and we just couldn’t enter it
the cry of a myth
rising like lava beneath
the boughs of our eyelids
that scared the children out
of their beds and parents
out of their nightclothes
a screech that made the
blood of the gardens curdle
and heralded death to the
sweet blue poppies

two giant eyes like crying umbrellas
and a beak chiseled out of sapphire
and stone, it was the tongue of the
forest upon our cheeks, an owl like
a dinosaur egg, the great spirit of all
myths, howl of all the mad
rhythms of life

it happened that i
grabbed onto his wing and
held on tight and found myself
on a trip to a nest high as doomsday
a green penthouse made of cornstalks
and clay, a sanctuary in the sky
for the great keeper of
demons and holy tales

now listen, he says, this life’s
full of difficult decisions
but that’s better than
not having to make
any at all
*plays “Proud Mary” on the
jukebox and fixes himself a pipe*
there is no substitute for
discovering your own truth

you’re an observer of time
and nothing’s stable, all of
life’s a dynamic scene
without a center
and all your life is a process
of rediscovering what you
already knew—that’s the secret,
alright—he says as he puts on
a tie-dyed ascot and slippers, sky
dancing like a lagoon behind us,
there’s a voice inside
each of us that already has
the answers we’re looking for
but there’s a lot of people
out there getting rich by
distracting us from ourselves
and trying to motivate us
from the outside in like a
bunch of dangling carrots
when the truth is *touches purple
wingtip to the center of my forehead*
being yourself is
the highest form of praise

and the sky flooded
his eyes with diamonds
as i took a great drag of
tobacco from his pipe
nothing is as
unreal as it seems

5 thoughts on “Owl’s Nest

  1. U!! What!! A spectacular piece of creative writing! That last line…a grand slam! By the way…”the forest does have eyes”,😉

    To be ones self is true living and freedom! I Love all of the mood ring feelings this story leaked! 😀 Oh U genius, U!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You just keep getting better at your craft! Maybe you might find a place to use ‘the mood ring feeling’ in one of your whimsical meaningful adventure stories? All yours! Have to mention …”thumbing their eyes like chicken bones”😀 nicely done!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much! I will certainly find good use for the “mood ring” line. 😉 And I’m glad you liked the use of the “chicken bone.” Just came to my mind…


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