Lo Lite

Salvador Dalí, Surrealist Composition (c. 1928)

between me & the road
was a red letter r, an ember of hair
or a single faceless masquerade
with a line above the brow indicating
“no direction”

the air was a blue-green funk
lo lite rays & the ripples of a
halogen fantasy
(it is our duty to speak in the
images that resurrect us from silence)

the earth was hand cracked
with seed & the sky was a mouth
crowded with the number 7 plus
1 tree like an octopus made of
leaves & burning men minus
2 ecstatic birds that hopscotched
across the branches
(solutions always come in numbers)

to the left was a man in a hat
with the portrait of a lady whose
faces left no shadow
his mouth wept where his
eyes couldn’t see

(our visions are as sane as
the logic we use to interpret them)

This spontaneous poem was inspired by Dalí‘s Surrealist Composition (c. 1928) and represents some new poetic exercises I’m experimenting with.

17 thoughts on “Lo Lite

  1. I love the images you have found words for, I have enjoyed the state of mind that your spontaneous poem has put me in, and it’s as if I have awoken from a dream. Great work!

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      1. I meant to say that I loved most your images, what you created in your imagination as you played spontaneously with Dali’s Surrealist Composition.

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      2. Thank you. Conjuring those images, or rather, allowing those words and images to come into my mind and to maintain their integrity while writing, was a gratifying experience.

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  2. Quel beau et doux poème. Vous avez réussi à saisir l’essence mystérieuse de la peinture de Dalí avant les mots, avant l’émotion, seul le poème qui perçoit l’énigme … Parfait! 🙂

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    1. Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles. Toutes les peintures de Dali sont des inspirations pour la poésie! Je ne propose pas de traduire les visions de Dali, mais elles sont si riches et si familières aux miennes. Encore une fois, merci mon cher, pour vos compliments. 🙂

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  3. This is some really amazing writing! I don’t even want to try to describe the imagery! And the way the words flowed it made me feel as if I’d somehow already read the next word. You know what I mean? This lit my mind like the Eastern seaboard from space. And a witty observation to boot. Great work!

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    1. Oh! Haha! Est-ce un défi, M. Fée? 😉 Been traveling all week, but I’ll be home tomorrow. And I’ve got some different things planned for the next week or so (Merci, M. Dalí.). Cheers to you and happy Saturday. 🙂

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