take, for example, a man
who stood at the foot 
of a pond, still as a 
southern peach on the 
forehead of the afternoon, 
the soles of his 
watery sandals
fossilized on the banks

of course, nothing he did
outside that
was as i remember it, my
sight whitewashed by the 
temple windows, the glare 
of a snake at the center of
those six walls, little 
golden rod striking through
the eye of a skeleton

it was an unfriendly hello he
offered me as i approached from the 
crust of the sands, his eyes fixed 
on an uncertain point south
of that magic skull, hovering like a 
golden elephant atop a cloud
listen, he says, purple sun beaming
through his scattered fingers, each
of our senses belongs to one Sense
and the pursuit of meaning is a 
it is your duty to identify your 
blind spots, to be your whole self with 
all the courage you can muster and 
that means being willing to fail and 
more than anything—and this you 
gotta remember—it means making 
yourself vulnerable and understanding 
that same source is a reservoir of 
strength that keeps you whole, a 
plan you can’t see, a clock that
doesn’t run out
	look here…

and in that pond that 
bore no reflection appeared a 
	map of the world 
pulsing like lead against a 
	deep blue vein 
each continent glowing in a 
sea of orange points, all bursting 
in harmony like a bunch of
	mad firecrackers
while somewhere
the hieroglyphs of the desert
danced in unison to 
“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” 
Pink Floyd and our two souls 
	entertained the silence

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