Reluctant Memory

in its simplest form, the 
mouth was a giant puzzle piece
a horizontal pickaxe that severed 
the sun from the whitewashed fields
a cleft in the skull of a crystallized
fantasy, a simple decoration, really,
a wrinkle in the underbelly of a cloud 
where the smoke 
filled with mirrors

	and for the first time, i 
	had no fear of my perceptions
	(because i knew i’d never reach them) 

spoke the grasshopper as he toppled a 
rainbow atop the brow, the 
	electric door 
to my daydream, a pot of gold
like a tear washed from the eye of the 
sunset from which i entered that 
	halcyon fantasy

vailed angel
	powdered thigh
		& a swollen high moon 

and there was a man who wanted 
to be a book without edges, a landscape—
no—a portrait of watercolor that 
bloomed through its 
	sinewy borders

	every object is a 
	potential metaphor 
	that can add depth and 
	meaning to our experience

he spouted like a fish
caught in a mirror on the 
face of the cool desert sands,
a broad ticking clock suspended 
from a hook, his two legs like 
	little bones 
dangling from a trapeze

as another figure broke free 
from the sediment of my 
	hypnotic imagination
and perched its eyes on the
echoes of that silvery stream like 
two marching darts fighting the 
diagonals of sleep

	(proportion is an illusion
	and the periphery is an angle 
	that tricks the eye but not 
	the imagination)

while a golden flock of 
high flying toucans (or a swarm 
of mechanical mosquitos)
tripped the wire that 
triggered the cloudburst that 
transformed the endless river into 
an arc of purple skulls and 
crystalline seashells that 
reflected through my 
	careless eyes 
the breath of a morning sun
sailing in on a windy pillow 
	of things left unsaid

In addition…

I thought it might be fun to share a little creativity test I discovered yesterday (thanks to Esoterica from Existential Ergonomics) that’s designed to reveal your creative type. I very much enjoyed the description of my type, The Dreamer, as I found it to be, in many ways, uncannily accurate.

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