Negative Space

Joan Miró, Pintura, 1925  

it was the eve of the rebirth 
of the clock & 7 concentric shadows 
hung like a jagged shoestring 
& snatched up the light like a 
lonely severed tentacle

{fortune is an excess of weight}

it was a braid in the atmosphere 
a forger of form & sanity 
chiseled from the scissored 
end of a paintbrush
the stars were a 
		junk bottle 

& all the rocks were papered in rawhide 
the wind was a sturdy 10 fingers 
dipping over the side of the sun 
& gathering perfume

{all the earth is a game 
& it is our fate to teeter on its axis}

the excision of an ozone happened 
at the pigeonhole cleft in a sand tower 
that was lit like a golden rod 
approximately three degrees north 
of the second hand, the wishing hand 
the forgiving thrash of the needle that 
pricked a hole in the eye of the morning 
& then soothed our bellies as we wept

{the beauty of time is perceived 
as mechanical pain}

spoke the sun from the head of a lion
that had just smuggled the 
from the skeleton of a 
torn paper airplane

{our attempts to rationalize absurdity 
only corrupt it}

A Question…

I have made the decision, in conjunction with T. Blake, to put together my first poetry chapbook. In “Seven Road & Other Poems” the full text of Seven Road will appear, for the first time, with accompanying artwork (5 total images). (As a side note, I suspect it will be immensely gratifying for me to put “Seven Road” together this way and view the final product.) It will also contain several new poems which have not been published on The Used Life. My goal is to reach a new audience through distribution to local/regional independent bookstores and other small retailers. I will additionally make it available here on this site (at this point, this is a small, though scalable, project). Have any other poets tried this approach? If so, I am curious to know what your experience has been. Thank you for reading!

21 thoughts on “Negative Space

  1. I love your powerful surrealist images and the careful elaboration of form which I enjoy as truly originals. I also like the spontaneity of your poetry, the expression, the simbolism, and the word destined to engrave itself on the memory of everyone… I esteem you as one of my most precious poet.

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    1. Thank you. This poem, and others in this style, are spontaneously composed. An exercise I enjoy very much and which often leads to the generation of many related (and unrelated) images and ideas to reserve for use in future compositions. I appreciate your lovely compliment. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for responding…I think so, too. I’ve been finding it both challenging and frustrating to navigate self-publishing options, and the idea of tapping into DIY chapbook/zine culture very much appeals to me…for many reasons. 🙂

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      1. Of course I’d like to have a copy… I can pay for it in dollars, euros, pounds sterling or Swiss francs. It’s your choice. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha! Of course you can! And by the looks of it, you can spend them all in one day, too. (Dollars will do.) By the way… pensez-vous qu’un nouveau post paraîtra bientôt sur Norwegian Flock? Cela ressemble à un blog avec un potentiel énorme. 🙂

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      3. Okay. I can easily get rid of American dollars, I never liked the color of those bills. By the way… I don’t think I’ll publish anything in ‘Norwegian Flock’ by now. Bjørg, my favourite sheep, doesn’t agree with the economic conditions I’m offering her. It’s a pity.

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