Flight of the Paper Birds

someone has carved out 
layers beneath the bone
and erected a building 
without interruption

the steady seed of a 
self-made fantasy
		acid maze 
			cool junk cartography 
of a consciousness never 
born to rise like rows of 
	sitting mirrors 
that shattered themselves with noise

	[awareness is a bird of truth
	catapulted by the reflection 
	of its own shadow]

we remember in a
noiseless chamber of
bare skin walls and 
	fine paperless serendipity
that in the camaraderie of the maze
	with its tin foil hats and  
the buzz of a thousand 
	high-flying martinis
we are each standing at the foot of 
	an impossible triumph
	[rationality is a bloated wind 
	that barricades the path to identity
		analysis robs us of the certainty of self]
a sea-stained chemical phantom that 
rages against the streets, 
	soiled suit jacket full of razorblades 
	caught in an angry subway like  
	fine hairs in the back of a throat
	[there is no journey outward 
	the master of the labyrinth is 
		always self-made]

we are tailored by the shred of a diamond’s eye
cut by the light of a collective mind 
that too often loses itself 
	without permission

	[imagination is scratch-paper perception
	the child eyes of essence]
	essence is the intelligence of emptiness
	an uncluttering of eternal mind

8 thoughts on “Flight of the Paper Birds

  1. Every day should start like this: wake up after having dreamed of a steamy girl waiting for me in the train station, drink a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette and read a poem like this… Your poetry has reached a mixed state of a very complex nature; plastic genius, philosophic sense, lyrical enthusiasm, and humorous spirit are combined in it and mingle in infinitely varied doses. For me, this poem draws at once from painting, music, statuary, arabesque, art, and the analytic spirit; and so happily, so skilfully adjusted that it presents itself with the visible signs of subtlety borrowed from diverse arts. ‘Flight of Paper Birds’ sounds like the emotion or some mystical beyond words or possibly explanation. It is a depth work (poetry is the great arcane through whose letters things exist forever or have never existed) and subtle complexity. Beautiful! I congratulate you. 🙂

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    1. And to begin my day by reading a comment as thoughtful and beautifully worded as this one is an honor. Thank you, Xyz. This poem was very much an intuitive exercise. The phrase “flight of the paper birds” arrived in my mind quite spontaneously several days ago while I was doing some chores. I knew instantly that it would act as the title for a new poem. I tend to think of it as a “beyond words” explanation of sorts. A thing hinted at, experienced, felt, but never wholly visualized or understood. I appreciate your kind words. I am currently trying to finish my chapbook poems and am attempting something stylistically new…although I suspect I am “trying” too much. You have inspired me to work more intuitively. Creativity is a matter of trust. Especially that the mind (the whole mind, including our subconscious influences) will do its job. N’est-ce pas? 🙂

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  2. En le choisissan-ant
    J’avais cru bien fai-re

    Ma pauvre âme est plaine
    D’un mortel souci
    C’était bien la peine, etc.,

    Salut au poète! :-)!

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