Slo Shook

over there, on the dope side
a man who’d forgotten what he came for 
and a woman with a buzz as posh as a 
champagne earring, canary blu
electric heels, and a sour cherry song
shards of life that set sail in the 
mind of a glass dream

the night was chiseled with light like an arrow 
in a house where the rain came calmly
*mature content only* was the smoke and the ride
do you know what rules you and 
are you afraid to step into its shadow?

golden days, immovable string 
in times of sorrow and lucid dreaming
we danced with our delusions down to the 
flashing lights, to the native rhythm, the skull of the 
siren song, our feet were tied to the tiles and 
what my eyes touched, i imagine, was 
the marrow of seduction, blind strobe,
wax paper girl, lips cheaper by the handful
we passed in trains like teardrops tunneling 
down a mountain (the man and woman never kissed, 
only locked their superficial eyes until morning 
capsized in a sea of criss-crossed pantylines)

	immaculate, too 
		mammoth to self-destruct
it was the creamy tranquil groove that
buttered our rock n roll souls 
(i bent over to see you smile) 
	elephant watching
			escaping mouth
let me show you in and give you roses
his lips were soaked in gin like crystalline sugar 
and lit up the night in electric limelight 
her breasts were two chameleons 
groping for the bottom of the world 

and in the spring of my sleep, slo shook,
dawn burst and the scent of a woman
trickled down his chin like the 
nectar of a fine-toothed peach

tomorrow, maybe, i
will give him a name

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