Very High Cosmos

For the past few weeks, I’ve seriously curtailed my creative activity. Two of my last poems, Red Sailboat and Slo Shook, for me, represented a struggle. In my eyes, they lacked magic, passion, excitement. All the little ecstasies of spontaneous creation. Which I thought I might find again by doing something new and experimental with my poetry. Cluster Silence was an attempt to do just that. I was in a rut (a “creative crisis,” I called it in more dramatic moments). Yearning desperately for something different. But none of my poetic experiments delivered. So I pulled back. Figuring that when the time was right, I would know how to proceed.

And sure enough, in the wee hours of Monday morning, I awoke from a dream with a long-awaited solution: “I should collage!” As with all 3 a.m. ideas, I decided to give this one due consideration. It instantly felt PERFECT. So, after work on Monday, I went out and stocked up on supplies, including several entirely unrelated magazines, like National Geographic’s The Moon: Our Lunar Companion, Harper’s Bazaar, and Life’s Woodstock at 50.  And here is the result–my first ever collage, titled “Very High Cosmos.” An observation: collaging isn’t very different from writing poetry at all (except for the x-acto knife, which I’ve got to practice with). And I’m already planning the next one. I think I’ve gotten my mojo back.

19 thoughts on “Very High Cosmos

  1. Sometimes, we feel, stuck, without inspiration, and, as we try our, hardest, to break away from that, we get stuck, even more, sometimes, it’s, just best, to relax, take it easy a bit, and, inspiration will, then, flow to you, freely…

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    1. Thank you! It sure was… and I very much enjoyed being limited by the magazines I chose. Going in not knowing what I was going to make and slowly turning a bunch of disparage images into something unexpected. Such fun!

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  2. This is so creative! I love it! A couple of times I have experienced what appear to be collages forming themselves in my imagination, and I try to draw them (I do not draw well, which I think my unconscious uses to its advantage) on the page of sketch paper opposite the one I will write a narrative on. I agree about the need to listen to 3 am ideas. They seem even better after a strong cup of morning coffee.

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    1. Thank you! I also tend to think in images–and am, sadly, unable to express them by drawing. But I am excited to have “discovered” collage as a medium. So much fun! Perhaps you might like it, also…should you feel the desire to experiment with it, that is.

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