Serpent Ring

there will be heaven in a green house
with clairvoyant walls where the stars
peep through its sides, a house like a
naked eye with an emerald for a rooftop
a jewel in the crown of a mile-high fantasy
resurrected from deep
within the catacombs of sleep

it was there in the dining hall
where i found myself, carried on the
wings of a steel dream, to a room bedecked
with rubies and spades in the shape of a
giant snake, the great red ring that
encircles the house of a
serpent king

look around, he says, taking a bite of his
pork chop and a swig of Merlot
and feast your eyes on the
splendor of an impossible vision
‘cause nothing worthwhile
ever looks possible and that you
gotta remember, impossible is
the only kind of faith there is

*tilts his big gold crown and hisses
at a passing canary* what you need
are your inner eyes, your earth eyes,
your golden eyes, child, the ones that
shine like fresh miracles in the sun
that’s the only way you’ll ever see the
spark of life within yourself, the person
who needs tending to, and remember, you’ll
never have healthy regard for another person
that exceeds the regard you have for yourself
comparison is a veil
of irreality, that which
shields us from
our own magic

*slithers over to the turntable and flips his
Santana record to the B-side*
this world is full of evil ways
our mouths, our eyes
are as empty as cannons
he says as he shakes his rattler
at a cobra dancing in the garden,
we busy ourselves with
occupations that increase
our own illusions of power
but our spirits stay starving and
most of us never learn how to feed ‘em
*nibbles on a pound cake and
tosses me a cognac*

just then i got thinking this mad rattling king
was some kind of smooth operator, the way
he way he lit up that banquet hall like an
eye of diamonds, its ring of red serpents
setting fire to the moonlight

you weren’t thrown onto this planet
you come from it and the sincerest
source of compassion
is that which you have for yourself
until you figure that out
you’ll be spending all your time
chasing your own needs
like a dirty tail

and the last thing i saw was the
pit of an open mouth and two
green fangs blazing through the air
like a liquified nightmare
while a chorus of frogs sang out
in ritual nightcrawler fright

6 thoughts on “Serpent Ring

  1. You never fail to “break on through to the other side” of poetic brilliance! I love the silver lining of wisdom that you paint across the page. Thank you for another poetic adventure!! Bravo!🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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