Yellow Book Company


yellow book company: a compilation of pages 
signaling a journey in non-sequential order

(page 8)

if it’s more real than white, then 
why don’t we save it a 
space on every forehead? 

not the past, little lady, 
the space within—no—the sight that
gives sight, what blinds us to 
the gaps that only the mind can see
what’s outside is a dream, our 
eyes are eaves of longing
the sameness of 
philosophers & disparities 
from a distant future 

if you’re listening now, you’ll 
hear it, what conspires against us
the roar of our own barren 
but you, you rage like a river of 
quiet understanding, the brute magic
of innocence is the salt in your 
veins, the sun that unfolds the 
body of the sun, listen with your eyes, 
my child, you are stained with the 
grace of music, born to skate
across this world on the
backside of a rainbow

(page 41)

the look on his face told me
he was a genie without a bottle
an unchained paradise
hard-wired into mad fantasies of flight

(page 23)

on a 4 a.m. walk with the dreamers
a cool drink of lemon and a sun shower
melting from the milky tips of a 
	jasmine fantasy
not a regression, but a past progression
the moon bloomed like a faithful flower and we 
swung from the shoulders of heaven like
a gang of primordial violet-eyed monsters
third eye from the center, 
the essence of tranquility
the city rested on a cloud of casual love 
and we were cloaked in soft 
skeletons of hope

(page 58)

in, closer
to the left, a man and
an invisible woman
their insides were made of sin
two lips destined to 
remain a
breath apart

(page 70)

it may be said that our obsessions
have increased in numbers recently

our natural response to the 
insanity of government
- how did we get here?
- bad behavior

(page 36)

but he was a jazz man and
he remained upright
on a backbone of wishes 
these yellow hours 
between day and night

(page 3)

you can’t live this life just standin’
around waitin’ for the other shoe to drop
now, listen, this world is paralyzed by its
own inertia but baby girl, you gotta move
to the music, turn the page, play in the realm
of fantasy until you can close your
eyes and perch yourself on the wings of a 
not-so-distant future
but to live with uncertainty, you 
gotta move from a 
center of commitment
	commitment to life
	commitment to love
	commitment to making your soul 
	shine in the right direction

(page 157)

in the end, one is cognizant of having passed through
the kind of art that transfigures a body into 
its most basic universal forms

A Note…

Some of you may have noticed that, about a week ago, I published and then subsequently deleted a poem, which I’d intended to turn into a short series, titled “Analog Man.” I wasn’t happy with it. If I’m to be honest, I didn’t like it at all. So, I decided to scrap it and allow myself some time to see if those same sentiments would come together differently. A period of “creative waiting,” as Rollo May calls it. And, indeed, this morning, I figured out what I needed to do.

“Yellow Book Company” is a phrase that came into my mind rather innocuously about two or three weeks ago and that I jotted down in my notebook, along with all the other potentially worthwhile phrases that pop into my mind. But the words, “yellow book company,” started becoming a bit of an obsession–a haunting, if you will–over the past few days. And even though I did not quite understand what they meant, I knew I needed to do something with them.

Needless to say, this poem is experimental and it will go on. I also anticipate that it will become increasingly experimental as it evolves. You may consider this a rather loosely defined “Part I”; although, there will be no such actual delineations throughout.

*In addition to the featured image, titled “Vesuvio and the Stabian Baths, AD 79,” this post was inspired, in part, by the following image also created by my friend and artist, T. Blake titled, “Aphonopelma echinum – USP Florence.”


You can find more of his work, along with a great deal more of my poetry, in my recently released chapbook, Seven Road & Other Poems.

9 thoughts on “Yellow Book Company

  1. In response to “Analog Man”;

    I once caught Joe Walsh live in
    concert, before he was inducted into
    the Eagles juggernaut. It was a small
    venue called Reefers Cabaret, back in
    the 70’s. He was a surprise guest.
    A rare privilege back then, down under,
    here in Australia. Despite the air being
    laced with soporific forgetfulness,
    I well remember his guitar solo on
    Rocky Mountain Way (including a
    talkbox virtuoso performance)
    lasted about quarter of an hour 🎸
    Sadly, those analogue days have been
    lost in a reefer haze, and computer
    processed mediocrity. And I’ve been
    digitally reprocessed. For I am now
    … the Reluctant Digital Man 😎

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Magnificent! Worth the wait. I see tendrils blossoming in some very exciting new and different directions, and anticipate exploring more as it all continues to unfold. We are expecting ‘grey, cold, turn-to-snow’ weather here over the next couple of days. Perfect ‘trance weather’ for me. I’m checking my supplies, and readying my escape pod. See you again soon. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fantastic! Your words are encouraging and I am excited to see what you come up with. It’s funny, after I wrote this I felt immediately it needed reworking. I then spent like three days tinkering with a new “introduction” which I now don’t like at all. Lol I’m taking a time out from YBC…my imagination is teeming with other far-out images and little aesthetic ecstasies…but perhaps your visions will be cause for inspiration. Enjoy the weather and happy creating! 😎⛄️


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