Lime Dogs

Lime Dogs
it might be time to runaway with
	the second kiss
a hand on my shoulder
you and i tumbling through the
forked opening of a shelter

we're new suddenly
yellow as the fields of creation
	off the cuff
	a radio edit
forfeiting logic to be 
blinded by a deeper light
the thrust of a 
	paper dagger
lime dogs and arcade airplanes
	aviators on the moon
the divine jams of a 3 a.m. saxophone
a thirst for Jesus like honey

i am rotten with the 
pains of discovery
naked with joy and
wandering for apples
the circular curiosity of a neck 
	here and there
our thoughts as good as 
flowers, my dear,
killing mischief with our
overburdened hands

it is the sudden nature 
of things to be 

A Note of Appreciation

It is hard for me to believe the poem, “Seven Road,” is now a year old. Those of you who’ve been around this blog for awhile know how much that particular work, including all of its accompanying artwork, means to me. As do many of the other poems that were born of a similar ethos and that now appear in the chapbook, Seven Road & Other Poems. I’d like to thank those of you who’ve already purchased a copy and all of you who continue to read, comment, and show support not only for my poetry, but also for the greater personal and artistic journey I’ve undertaken here on The Used Life.



13 responses to “Lime Dogs”

  1. Wow… this poem feels like a vague portrait, deliberately and artfully spun. I loved the juxtaposition in the 3rd stanza… or maybe because it was suddenly there in the 3rd stanza. Surprised me. ❤

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  2. Ce poème est un bel instantané qui démontre votre intelligence poétique, nourrie de certaines expériences: voyages, lectures, expérimentations psychiques, illumination profane. sûrement née d’expériences magiques sur les mots, formées par des formules de charme et de concepts, capables de transformer la banalité d’un paysage urbain en une vague de rêves surréels… C’est magnifique!
    Alain Debray

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