Satellite Rhythm

Satellite Rhythm
from here
cue the sounds of nature
: thunderstorm,
wren, mid air,
the peaceful rejection of
	rains on a river

a lone, untrampled thought
like a cloudburst on a 
	sudden Tuesday
dull sky
	: forest
	white-eyed halo,
a field of angels with 
mud on their backs


(says the man from a 
	homesick land 
swimming offshore)

understand the possibility 
that the sky is a 
	false ceiling
a beginning out of season

the essence of vision
: a yellow curtain of surprise

and heaven is a mind
crafted of music,
wild with love and the 
first sips of coffee

the precision of an eyelash and 
the soft shelter of a thigh
	: bony and irregular
	electric caterpillars
		the bleak and hairless 
		faces of memory

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