Woman, by Landscape

full moon
a sense of symmetry by
unsayable things
idle circles (set with stars and)
naïve fantasies of a woman, 
	by landscape
with the lights off and 
once you were and at once 
(a hair’s length, but no further)
such bodies as in pictures
more flowers than in ink
slow hands and daffodils
the great open fracture of 
eternal sunshine (dogged on our
tongues and rising but 
never softer than i for you) 
the lament: twelve lines of stillness 
but beyond and breathless the 
blurred edges of a newspaper
supposing the 
milky air of our arrival

10 responses to “Woman, by Landscape”

  1. When the occultism became fashionable in Paris, Victor Hugo, Lautréamont and Verlaine among many others, filled their novels and poems with adjectives that suggested the magical, the stellar and astral. Subsequently, the surrealists were great at finding and replacing whatever adjective could lend themselves to poetic speculation about the ghostly, mind-blowing, mysterious, convulsive and dreamlike. I don’t know where to place the adjectival of this unique poem of yours. Perhaps it could be compared with the existentialists, who preferred them more concrete, simple and direct… But it’s just an impromptu comment, and surely wrong.

    Have a nice weekend, L. 🙂

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