gently contemplating
	the ace
space symbol
a new face of hope
fading from above and
depleted of green

imagine a mind 
written in a maze
learning to realize its
sudden blades of understanding
windmill of certainty, the

exchange of smiles
and here if you were a
thousand miles
trapped in needless 
no story is eternal without dreaming
the vitality of clocks and 
selflessly saving paychecks 
becoming beloved in spring

13 responses to “Ace”

      • Thank you so much, Myth! And whenever you decide to put your blog back online I look forward to reading more of your beautiful poetry. These days of quarantine can also be a great time for creating. Cheers! 🥂


      • For you, dear U, I will release my blog this morning. You know why I’ve been on private. But for you this day, I will open my blog! I’ll be gone today, but your beautiful mind gracing my pages will mean the world to me. You are very much admired for your creative writing and grace! I am proud to have discovered your blog back when! ☕🍷🍸🍺🥂🍹🥃🍾 Whatever the drink… Let us drink to better days ahead!! Thank you for being U!

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      • “Friends with once”…Oh, I had to think on this for a moment.😀 Well, let us be rewarded with longer lasting friendships! There is where great comfort remains.☀️

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  1. “I don’t reveal skeletons that would hurt anyone. They can hurt the dead, but the dead belong to me.”
    – Anne Sexton, The Art of Poetry.

    Ps. Je promets de te lire toujours.

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