Girl to Bad Weather

time to speak above me
	a body
in a wilderness voice
selfishly seeking rain

even here 
barefoot in love and
rose petals on a river
a prophecy more not 
yet than forever

i see god and turn around
distant but not 
gathering clouds

and if nothing but 
delivers us

where (and will we) with 
	endless ashes
elephants and orange trees
swallows and leaves

As I was searching for artwork to accompany this poem (I had not yet named it.), I came across the phrase, “girl to bad weather,” used to describe another image by the artist who created the girl above. The instant I read it, I knew it was perfect. I use kuco’s artwork often on this blog. If you enjoy it, you can find more of it on Depositphotos.

If you enjoy my poetry and would like to read more, my debut chapbook, Seven Road & Other Poems, is now available on Etsy. Each book is handmade to order and includes original, full-color artwork by Colorado-based artist, T. Blake.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, and creative Sunday.



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