Tree of Babel

This quarantine has got me creating rather feverishly, and that includes returning to projects I haven’t visited in a long time. Some of you may remember my first experiment with collage art back in August, which resulted in Very High Cosmos (and consequently, kickstarted my creativity after a rather long and arduous dry spell). Among the clippings and other odd artifacts I’d collected around that time were a picture of the Tower of Babel, a rather large fishhook, and a ladder. I hope I’ve put them to good use. Here is collage #2, “Tree of Babel.”


25 thoughts on “Tree of Babel

  1. Ce sont les moments parfaits pour qu’il ne se passe absolument rien et que rien ne soit fait. Donnez-moi ma dose d’exceptionnellement sans incident, car cela me convient au plus profond de mon âme cachée et enfermée: l’endroit où je cache la clé sous le tapis, enseveli dans du béton et entouré d’un labyrinthe protecteur de poutres en acier.

    Et rappelez-vous: La nuit je mens. 🙂

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    1. Au fond de mon âme, je méprise l’idée que je dois être productif dans toute poursuite que je n’aime pas. Je trouve que pendant ces jours lents je me déplace en accord avec ma nature et je me sens en paix.

      P.S. – Vous aimez jouer avec moi, non? 🙂

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  2. La vôtre est toujours une bonne réponse… Merci bien, L.

    P.S.- Jouez avec toi? Il pourrait être, mais je préfère vous lire, vous imaginer et savoir que vous êtes vivant. 🙂

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      1. Merci pour votre gentillesse infinie, segnorina. Merci cet après-midi de musique et de pluie devant une Méditerranée aux lumières imprécises que je commençais à manquer. J’aime contempler la mer, écouter de la musique et lire. Je n’en ai pas besoin de plus. Ainsi un jour après l’autre, lié à un temps qui s’arrête dans un espace qui n’existe pas. Alors, pourquoi écrire un blog maintenant? Vous avez suffisamment de raisons de le faire, parce que vous êtes un poète extraordinaire, avec de profondes connaissances artistiques et philosophiques. Briseur de schémas et de moules établis: poète de la lecture difficile et cristalline.

        P.S. Bien sûr, j’aime ton collage. Et tu sais que je suis sincère, car ici il ne fait pas encore nuit. Prends soin de toi. 🙂

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      2. Well, even though it’s still daylight, I imagine you’re giving me too much credit: “un poète extraordinaire, avec de profondes connaissances artistiques et philosophiques. Briseur de schémas et de moules établis: poète de la lecture difficile et cristalline”. But I will take the compliment. In fact, I may, right now, go and write a poem. Be well, JP.

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  3. Wow, Just how many staircases are there in your mind!? This is a whole new level of your brilliance you have shared with your readers! ☀️ Your collage is a story within itself. Be safe in the world U. and all those whom you love, and love you too! ☀️

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  4. I loved the collage. It’s amazing how you can be creative when you dabble in other arts (other than writing.) I get bored easily and find myself out of manic energy (if you get what I’m saying) if I try anything other than reading or writing. I might dabble in music though. Perhaps learning some jazz will get those creative juices flowing. But then again, it’s easier said than done. Any art requires dedication, drive and discipline to master and unless one is prodigiously talented, starting early helps. I’d love to hear your thoughts about innate ability. I personally have had to teach myself how to write, but I do believe that there are people who can pick up the pen and write excellent poetry in their first attempt because they’re born with a gift. Let me know if you disagree. Once again, your posts always make me think and I enjoy them.

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    1. Hey, Nitin. Thank you for the feedback. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve been thinking about how to answer your question for the past hour or so…and I’ve come to the conclusion that I should, perhaps, put the sordid details in a blog post. Upon consideration, I have a great deal more to say on the relationship between talent and creativity than I realized…so thank you for the great idea! My short answer: yes, I think there’s a difference between creativity and talent. And it’s the combination of the two that often makes for the greatest art and innovation, what we’d call “genius.” I also think that, for many of those who have a special talent related to creativity, as in a high verbal intelligence, an ability to draw, or to play an instrument, the talent expresses itself like a need. That is, these individuals, often from an early age (but not always), have a need to engage in reading/writing, drawing, playing their instrument. And they work tirelessly at it (although it surely doesn’t feel that much like work). Having a talent is nothing without work. But, yes, to cite your example, I think there are people (though they’re rare) who can pick up a pen and write “good” or “excellent” poetry early on. They’ve got a certain “something,” an ability to use language, to sense rhythm, etc. that can’t really be taught. But surely, even people like that need molding. Hard work, dedication to their craft, mentoring, etc. I hope that helps. Thanks again for the post idea! I imagine I’ll get my thoughts together within the next day or two. Be well and stay safe!

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      1. I think an example of an individual with natural talent is Lionel Messi. He was born to play football. Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, is an example of a player who has spent hours honing his skill. Their stats are similar, but their playing style says it all. Cristiano Ronaldo relies on his pace and positioning, while the ball sticks to Messi’s feet. In the end though, hard work matters the most. Simply relying on talent and inspiration gets one nowhere. Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I look forward to reading your post.

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      2. It’s true, I think, that raw talent needs to be continually developed and molded. Even the most talented can be outpaced by those who work hard. Thanks again for the discussion…and for picking two football players who I actually know! 😂

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      3. Damn it! I should have searched for two obscure upcoming footballing talents and used their names 😋😂 Or better yet, made up two painters 😋😄

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      4. Would you like to contribute or write for a collective? I started one with a friend after quitting morality park. It grew rapidly but it’s become stagnant these days. You’ll find it here: Contact me if you’re interested. Most of the work on the site is evocative poetry, but I’m looking for thought provoking works.

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      5. Okay contact me. I’ll then send you an invite. You can post whenever you want. No deadlines or pressure whatsoever. And thank you.

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