When We Were Islands

i am between time, matter and a violin
a radical sense of happening
for as long as walls have room to listen

i argue with illusions of strangers
gently aware of the sunshine at our backs
(your hair is the motif of a long summer moon)
a messy triumph of signals and rearrangements

the way of anarchists and oceans

(we were born with eyes as reckless as stars)
mystics and rebels floating in on
an atmosphere of change

when we were islands
tilting with the eagerness of
the strange and the possible

fiercely defying quicksand

with rich eyes i contemplate the sun

25 responses to “When We Were Islands”

    • The image is not mine. It comes from Depositphotos. An artist I am quite fond of. If you’re interested, I can share a link. And with regard to the parentheses…to my mind, they work with the cadence of the poem. That is, when I read the poem aloud to myself, the lines that appear in brackets sound quieter to me than the others (and sometimes a bit faster), kind of like afterthoughts or asides. That is why I set them apart in parentheses. To keep the cadence and rhythm that are in my head. When I remove the brackets, the poem does not read correctly to me.

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  1. That opening line is so relatable! There is always a transport, a metamorphosis that takes place when I read your beautiful creative writing! Often a tear in the corner of an eye. What talent! 😌

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      • You’re welcome! I’m keeping safe up here, thank you. I just can’t get to the people I take care of, the snow has been a crippling Factor.And that’s frustrating because they are elderly, and I love them very much! I too hope you are doing well and keeping safe! It is always a welcoming to see your writing pop up on my when I have a chance to be here! Your success has been a joy to observe! ☀️😀


      • Well, I wish you all the best. And it’s good to see your blog is up and running again. I will be around to visit. Thank you for continuing to come around and support my efforts. All my best to you and your loved ones. And, as I am currently having a glass of wine, cheers! 🥂


      • Hold on there! … 🥂 Here’s to all walks of life, may we all heal continuously together! ☀️ Thank you as always for your kind words, I will carry them with me along with many more, on the long road ahead! ☀️ Take good care! Hiccup 🤭

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