Planet Sideways

I have been feeling visually inspired lately, which is new for me. And I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying it. I love the physicality of collage work and the attention to detail it requires. In some ways, it feels almost like an extension of my poetry, or its compliment. But more importantly, I think, the experience of moving back and forth between the literary and the visual–which is both novel and exhilarating–has got me thinking differently about creativity, perception, and even the relationship between creativity and talent. All topics for an upcoming post, methinks.

Here is my latest collage, “Planet Sideways,” with a little nod to Jerry Garcia. Have I mentioned just how much the Grateful Dead have been helping me through this pandemic? I hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves and finding the inspiration to get by, as well.

17 responses to “Planet Sideways”

  1. J’aime beaucoup ton nouveau travail, L. Je te le dis en toute sincérité. La combinaison d’éléments pop et néo-dada que vous avez obtenus, associée à une gamme de couleurs acides et intenses, ajoute un grand potentiel narratif à ce collage saisissant et inspiré. C’est un travail qui m’a vraiment surpris, car je crois que c’est dans les nouvelles tendances de cet art où l’image joue un rôle important dans la création de nouvelles formes de représentation. Ce nouvel art que Braque et Picasso aimaient tant et qui, depuis quelques années, est devenu l’un des genres préférés des artistes postmodernes. Félicitations pour cette nouvelle démonstration de votre talent artistique.

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    • Merci beaucoup, J. cela me fait plaisir que vous ayez apprécié cela. J’ai beaucoup aimé travailler sur ce collage et j’aime combiner des éléments insolites et juxtaposés. Je pense que ce que vous dites sur les tendances de la représentation est très intéressant.

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  2. Your collage is excellent. But what’s more wonderful is you saying that collage is like an extension of your poetry. I haven’t found another skill that can complement writing yet. I love music and art, but here’s hoping I find something.

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    • Well, don’t feel discouraged and don’t give up! I’m 37, and I just discovered that I have an interest in collage art. I think what makes it so much fun right now is that I’m new at it and don’t have any real expectations. When I make collages, I just feel like I’m playing. There’s nothing at stake, you know? I think it’s good to have another art or a hobby like that to help us keep more “serious” pursuits, like writing, in perspective.

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      • Thank you for that encouraging comment. I definitely agree with you as far as hobbies are concerned. All that writing and reading makes one introspect more than they should. They fall into a vortex of thought that injures them and carries them to dangerous regions. That’s true in my case at least. I think the old adage rings true here:”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I think he’s dull because he’s self-absorbed and does everything without ridding himself of his seriousness. I have an instrument at home. It’s an electronic one. I might do an online course and try my hand at it.

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      • Yeah, I think that’s one of the dangers of introspection…It’s funny but I think so much of what we do and don’t do as artists is defined by how we identify ourselves, who we tell ourselves we are. On one hand, it’s liberating to say, “I am a poet.” I’m affirming myself and my talent, putting it out into the world, demanding to be recognized. But it’s also limiting. I start thinking of myself too seriously as a poet and I stop having fun. I don’t experiment with other forms of artistic expression because “I am a poet.” At any rate, I say try the instrument. Doing something like that purely for the fun of it with no strings attached, I think, is nice reminder of why we started creating in the first place. Good luck! 🙂

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