Another Chance at Paradise

My latest experiment in collage art, “Another Chance at Paradise”.

I am beginning to get the desire to write poetry again, in addition to exploring my thoughts on some important issues related to creativity. Namely, the idea, as reflected in this blog’s tagline, of being a master of none. Of coming to understand oneself, in art as in life, as a perpetual experimenter, a learner, or seeker striving for a fuller, or more perfect, humanness. Or the notion (per Carl Rogers et al.) that to become more fully human is also to become more creative, more dynamic, and more sensorially alive. Anyway, some thoughts I hope to articulate far better in an upcoming post. 

4 responses to “Another Chance at Paradise”

  1. Les éloges que je fais de votre travail peuvent sembler répétitifs et sans originalité, mais il faut le répéter sans cesse : vos collages sont vraiment fantastiques ! 🙂

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  2. i love this, the collage is cosmic, grounded and playful. And i really appreciate when you write about the humanness and dynamism. I prefer that outlook, as opposed to truth/fact clinging. Not that I’m advocating a post-truth view, but there are somethings we need to outgrow.

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    • Thank you very much. I agree. Clinging too rigidly to anything impedes growth, the evolution of consciousness, and limits the depth of our experience. I’ve begun reminding myself that to be fully human is to be dynamic, and whenever I get too fixated on thinking of myself or my environment in a particular way, I find this reminder helpful.

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