Boots Underground

there’s an idea that
invisible people are
where we belong

in real time
the primordial magic
of wine
cannon balls
crystal ships & pirates

in history
this is the quest for paradise
the animal fury of contact
a monograph of enemies
brass elephants
& boots underground

their footprints have
been buried & their hearts
are wired for sound

strangers in combat

the future’s a calm soldier
their bayonets are
barking at the sun

12 responses to “Boots Underground”

  1. I might need a favour from you..
    I tell you since its a community poem
    We are making this sunday..
    So each of us have to contribute few line.. i would take your help dude
    Coz i get often stuck and sometimes words dont flow like that upon summoning .. so pls

    Liked by 1 person

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