Stars on a Shelf

Stars on a Shelf

there are galaxies in stars
not just the mention of it
cosmic efforts at daylight and
faithfully departing god

in the process of
bargaining for civilization

the sky glitters like a hammer
(only we would choose
between carbon and the moon)

we are stardust
and golden and
possible life

I’ve felt a bit awkward about marketing my book as normal during quarantine. But, as the situation continues and as, I am pleased to say, I’ve made a some sales and even garnered another 5-star review within the past several weeks, I have decided to resume a more “business as usual” attitude.

If you enjoy my poetry, you can find my debut chapbook, Seven Road & Other Poems, available for purchase on Etsy. Each copy is handmade to order and includes original, full-color artwork.


7 responses to “Stars on a Shelf”

  1. Clever title and first stanza…

    but wow! That book! What a work of art! Congratulations on all your achievements… I long to make a book. I don’t seem to have the self-control. Thanks for reading my blog; was such a surprise to find your own masterpiece of a blog, in return.

    Your artwork is beautiful! What an image!

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    • That’s very kind you to say. Thank you. And I’m happy to have found your blog, as well.

      A good bit of time elapsed between my decision to publish a the book and when I actually made it available to the public. I will say it was a lot of work—including working past some doubts, anxieties about rejection, etc.—but I am very happy I did it. I think it’s given me greater confidence in my work, even in myself. If you ever do decide to do it, I wish you the best of luck! I’m certain a book of your beautiful poems would be something you could be very proud of. 🙂

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      • I loved reading a bit more about your process. I definitely have all of that FUD stuff going on. :)) Thanks so much for this encouragement! It’s nice to see others paving the way, and with such style. ❤︎ xoxo


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