Off Channel

Off Channel

My latest experiment in collage art, “Off Channel.” Several images in this collage came from a 1945 issue of Life magazine (pasted on a 12×12″ paint swatch). The magazine, which I was so looking forward to receiving, came in a bundle of three vintage magazines I had ordered from a private seller in Vancouver, BC about four weeks ago. For two weeks, it appeared my package had been lost, having fallen into some postal service black hole upon leaving a sort facility in San Francisco. That is, until it arrived, without warning, on my doorstep on Monday afternoon. What an awesome surprise. 

I look forward to using a lot more of these images. Although, I admit, I felt badly about cutting up such an old magazine at first. But I look at it as a means of repurposing the images, giving them new life, and even adding to their longevity.

8 responses to “Off Channel”

  1. A very interesting collage, L. Technically you are progressing a lot. On this occasion you have managed to transmit, through the expression of that Venus, her interest in art, literature, philosophy, poetry, and anything else that matters in life.

    P.S. Just out of curiosity, isn’t the goddess’s breasts too small for a woman her age? 🙂

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    • Thank you, J. I am glad you liked this one. I was in the mood to try something a bit different here. As I was cutting Venus out, I felt like a surgeon. The paper is so incredibly delicate.

      P.S. – Since when was a woman’s breast size just a function of age? I think Venus and her small breasts are maturing nicely…and I was careful to keep all of her curves intact. 🙂

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      • Among other virtues, patience is necessary to create good collages. I sincerely believe that you have done a very good job. Congratulations.

        . Regarding Venus’s tits, I was simply referring to the ideal measures that Pythagoras defended with its variable geometry. You know what he said: choose a woman of whom you can say: “I could have chosen her more beautiful and with more ‘volume’, but not better …” 🤩

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      • Thanks again. I am working on a new one that is also going to be different. I am very much enjoying these experiments, and yes, I think those of us who enjoy collage must naturally be patient and have a real love of detail.

        With regard to Venus…you’re right. Her tits are perfect. 🙂

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