Water on Water

to touch the earth is a 
sensation worth preserving, 
don’t you think? 

a central metaphor for 
all that is holy like
the unreality of fire or a
meadow full of white moons

& even if the forests themselves
amounted to nothing but 
rain, the grainy silhouette of 
	water on water
the coarseness of wine or
	salt on skin
at the limits of space
deep seas

you’re a world inside out
(lips as fine as naked oceans)

which brings us once more to 
	the question of life
such brief sensations as saltwater
the uncompromising 
permutations of rain


15 responses to “Water on Water”

  1. Loved everything about this! From the illustration to the meandering shape of the stanzas, everything is reminiscent of how we all are derived from water 🙂

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