Midnight Lite

as if the future is falling behind me
vast and uninhabited
like a cool primitive moon

a man, his skin is dry and upright like leather
(they’ve killed the city; the city is dead)
his voice is high and catatonic
hands dangle like two blind prophets

somewhere in a desert
essence of reptiles
scarlet sandcastles
couples dancing naked in the fever high noon
drifting past rocks and subterranean fields

the air burns like a dream catcher made of fire
angels, archetypes, magicians
(strangers in death and lucid dreaming)

under midnight lite
clamoring for stars and the pulse beats of heaven
the stuff of cosmic tapestries, dandelions and
urban tribal landscapes

and yet here they are
with brief sensations of
what it means to
be more real

13 thoughts on “Midnight Lite

    1. For sure. I’ve actually been reading up on the role/origins of the magician archetype lately (e.g., sorcerer, wise old man/woman, shaman, priestess). Mostly Jung/contemporary Jungians and Joseph Campbell. The role of the magician in the hero’s journey. It may be said that the magician is also an alchemist.

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  1. I like the oxymoronic beginning
    … future falling behind you..
    The essence of it..
    Like a primitive moon
    (It is like telling the story of our evolution and also coz the beginning is the end and vice
    the myth of eternal return by Nietzsche

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