Sunday Morning Nirvana

another day 
under an 
unconditioned sun
& we drift

fresh air (rising)
invents another sun (not the same)

a white wind blows over
transitions away from time
cold collective mind
& the search for 
rapidly returning present

the distance between 
walking & a string

not the same in 
lavender as in circles 
(pigments of our dreams & 
thought revolutions)

slow groove of 
Sunday morning nirvana
like echoes of underwater gold

are these fools who repeat the music—
completely irrational myths of 
form & chaos & future?
retain nothing  
in hopes of 
highest perfection

10 responses to “Sunday Morning Nirvana”

  1. I agree with other commenter up there ^. I loved that last bit. I’m currently reading a book about various hypothesis regarding the nature of Time, and this poem kinda reminded me of a section.
    Loving the image you’ve posted along with it, too!

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