Mandala Effect

Mandala Effect
situation is parallel
water to sleep on and
water to wake you

perspective is mystical 
mind like recurrent water
consciousness at
terrapin high noon

the present is 
the middle of this phrase
on leaving
miss the mark

6 responses to “Mandala Effect”

  1. It’s fun how the collective conscience can deturpate something to the point of near-mysticalism and we can take decades to detect the feeble and artificial semiotic palisade built around us. I take note of it more and more through my poems, as I attempt to renew old symbols with a very personal neurolinguistic dialect. It dilutes the understanding others might have of me, but it’s also… liberating. The difference between an architecture of lies you build for yourself and one that is built beyond you is merely stylistic; not in the style of writing, but in the style of breathing.

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    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I agree it’s quite liberating to redefine myths and symbols for ourselves. I’ve come to think of it as an obligation to myself, in fact. Not to rely on, as you say, an “architecture of lies,” but to do my best to redefine those myths/narratives/symbols by looking inward. And operate instead from a place of originality and soulfulness.

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