The Yellow Desert Poems

The Yellow Desert, paper collage, 2020

the notion of being civilized is 
heightened by shadows
an infinite crust of time
a sense of music to hold onto
at the center of 
dawn, earth cries
—is vibrant, mellow, happy
we are the bystanders
relics of liquid freedom

the mind breathes in 
strange waves 
like an underwater 
microcosms of ecstasy 
space castles and 
vast stretches of untamed
yellow wilderness

you have achieved an 
sense of freedom
for the loss of souls and 
high strange 
moonward dances
there’s never been a world 
so unreachable as this


4 thoughts on “The Yellow Desert Poems

  1. How could I create the right words to describe my feelings for this Visual Poem? Perhaps I will have to leave a comment elsewhere on the interwebs postal system using line, form, color, etc. of my own…especially enjoyed part ii

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