Note to Lazarus

note to Lazarus: 

 at the moment i am
 voodoo bound with the 
 help of incense and a 
 man who crowned himself 
 Buddha by candlelight

 what a vision, what a night

 paranoia isn’t the problem
 but remembering to 
 breathe—no—remembering to 
 sing—like some kind of whiskey bird 
 or a high-pitched circus

 this idea—it won’t 
 respond forever
 like daffodils in the rain,
 you know what i mean?

 considering my head 
 is more of an idea than
 an artificial moon
 i may well be catapulting
 needles in space
 like a lonely hammer
 or some post-nirvana
 apocalyptic sun child

 please advise 

 oh, dear
 look at all the 
 space i’ve

 just dropped in 

 this time tomorrow
 he’s not there

4 responses to “Note to Lazarus”

  1. Hold in reverence your Great Poetry of Transformation, and readers from the whole world comes to you. Comes to you without harm dwellers in common wealth dwells in the union of Heaven and Earth. Offer them art, music, wine, grass, and the passing guest will stay a while, but the molecular message in its passage through the poem is without time. It cannot be exhausted by read. It remains. 🙂

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