14 thoughts on “Your Peace is Tide

  1. The inevitable mystery of expression is but a one-sided mirror within a mirror; such is the warmth of our myths: too obvious to us, too hyperial. Perhaps one day too I shall conjure peace in a state of waiting or a paracosmos bred and bled in truest gold. For now, nothing heavenly tastes of peace at all.

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    1. What a profound and beautifully written comment. I think cosmic metaphors are often appropriate for shifts in consciousness, as are nature-related metaphors indicating metamorphoses, progression through seasons, etc. Peace is, like many other inner experiences, heavenly sometimes. But like the tides, must also change.

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      1. What a wonderful greet! Thank you.🙂
        U, Your writing just becomes more beautiful with time. An unforgettable writer you have become. Uniqueness at its best! 🌷

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    1. Thank you so much! Your comment just brought a big smile to my face. To be honest, I hadn’t intended these to go together. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the poem that I realized it seemed to jive with the collage. A kind of happy surprise, I guess.

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