Proud Circus

just for kicks
	imagine the sun 
cold asleep beneath a
	wild oak tree 
(what do you see?)

dawn sits on a set of red stairs 
	prays for serenity, cyclones

we’re all saints & cannibals,
she seems to say
	odds of war men:

the images are finite, but the
	thinking is eternal
neither born nor dies nor 
bears emerald fruit
in this angry, proud circus

the girls & ghosts return
play hopscotch under a 
	tall desert moon

their eyes are asteroids
	pale, inquisitive

does the future hold 
freedoms we’ve already lost?
(that, i wish i knew)

who eats sunshine like oranges
splits atoms, saves the best of us

An observation: I’ve noticed that, whenever my poetry starts becoming too orderly, too structured, or too predictable (at least, for me), I invariably get an urge to go in and mess it all up. I want to create something weird, decidedly unstructured, and nonsensical. After the last several poems I published here (all of which I like…but they are, indeed, orderly) It’s like I crave chaos. The novelty of disruption. That’s what this poem is (and I expect there will be others to follow shortly). A helpful disruption, a way of bringing myself back into balance. I wonder, do any of you do this, as well?

14 responses to “Proud Circus”

  1. I love this poem and I love to change things up too. I was like that as a HS teacher. My life would have been easier if I had not craved change, but that is boring and not me.

    The clown drawing is perfect. The content, language, flow, and rhythm of this poem demand that it be read in an entertaining, nonconforming style. By a clown, moving in a clown fashion. 🤡 😁

    There are too many fantastic lines to list, but I love the contrast in this one~
    “we’re all saints & cannibals,”

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    • Thank you for the fabulous commentary. What you say about the poem moving in a “clown fashion” is very interesting…you’ve helped me see something here I hadn’t seen before. ☺️

      And I agree that life would often be easier without that pesky need to keep changing things up, but it does make the everyday so much more interesting, doesn’t it? And I’m certain your students welcomed the excitement, too.

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  2. I need both too…order, chaos, and things in between…creative endeavors, I feel, need both…life is full of moments that swing back and forth between opposites so feeling the need to touch both in one’s writing is a way to get out what is difficult to interpret…but just as important to release.

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  3. Writing is my relief from chaos. It sometimes makes its way into my stuff, but I try to keep things nice and structured. I’ve been told my imagery is chaotic though, but it doesn’t seem that way to me.

    Other than that, always excited to read another great poem from you. Cheers!

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    • Oh, I don’t think your imagery is chaotic. I think there’s a very clever logic at work in your poetry. And thank you for commenting! I think it’s fascinating how creativity can fill these different needs for us–from creating order to chaos and other states in between.

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