History of the Modern World

the modern world was born on a dangle
that’s how we got in
moments with actual limbs

just a bunch of hobos with paper haircuts
paintings of melons and mystery ships
in sober sunlit arrangement

(can you see it? they don’t want you to believe it)

a good day, a good piece of what isn’t there,
that’s what i say, a great reversal of spheres,
a wishin’ well that ends in indefinite gasp

don’t be scared, friend, we’re from the government
and we’re here to help (beware. the same scent of
shit still fills the air)

that’s the hour of the porcupine.
the prophet and the crook are
in the same bed

and this story,
stripped from the bottom with simplicity
always thinking this or that’ll happen
hasn’t anybody asked you to listen? (i will.)
‘cause everything we do is
too late. and remembering takes time.
when nowhere is the length of a string

but not me. i am blasé among poets
(looking nonchalantly over my shoulder)
the melons have had a haircut
the mystery ship has ended

…please notify me
of this poem and its destruction.

10 responses to “History of the Modern World”

  1. You are such a talented lyrical poet. I’ve reread this several times and I don’t feel I’ve come close to to wrapping my head around this. Which is wonderful, and what I really like about your poems, there is always more to discover.

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  2. “just a bunch of hobos with paper haircuts ”
    How do you come up with this delightfully imaginative lines?

    Whether you tell or keep it a secret matters none to me, only that you continue to accomplish your poetic feats! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, well, I’m afraid the short answer to your question is, “I don’t know.” One of the greatest joys of writing, for me, comes from those moments in which we feel as if we’re channeling something–the kinds of lines that just seem to write themselves. I am happy you like this poem so much! Reading your comment brought a big smile to my face. Thank you. 🙂

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      • I completely understand. I love those writing moments where I feel completely connected. It is a blissful experience. I am happy to know I delivered a reason for a big smile. 😃 You are most welcome!

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  3. I’m reading this piece over and over again. So many good lines, thoughts and directions that reveal something different with each read. Well done.

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