Surf on a Radio

eye, hallow tree 
in the void, in the meek 
sunset void

your peace is engineered—
there, i said it, like 
	surf on a radio 
& a poem with the 
knowledge to say so

surf on a lyrical 
	high-climbing shore
peace by a tree, by the wide open 
elephant blue

mating of highest wisdom
such are the tasks of nonbeing:

sip on sweet, milky grail
bearded skeleton hero
surfs to climactic, white end

(eye of emerald delight)

these moments are your tide, friend, 
lessons on a shelf:

all have obstructions,
names for killing each other 

8 thoughts on “Surf on a Radio

  1. J’aime le ton surréaliste, résolument moderne, un peu caustique mais très américain, apparemment lyrique et drôle aussi, que je perçois dans ce poème.

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      1. Ça n’a pas d’importance. C’est ma vision féline polyvalente qui me permet explorer le terrain difficile de la construction poetique-textuelle et de la subjectivité stratégique du langage. 😼

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